Fair Play. An ID of LilID | CV
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Hannelore Nys







Professional experience


May 14 – Present

Lilid, Diest, Genk – Antwerpen

Neuromodulation and psychotherapy




Sept 09 – Jun 10

Clinical internships (Psychology)

UPC Kortenberg

Diagnosis + Research employee engagement

Wingerdbloei, Deurne

Coaching & education of families


Oct 06 – Sept 08

Extra Muros, Heusden-Zolder

Market research & consultancy

Marketing & communication

Coaching management teams & strategy

Reengineering business processes


Oct 03 – Oct  06

Grontmij Zaventem (Sweco Mechelen)

Presales, marketing & communication

Communication coordinator Belgium


Jun 00 – Sept 03

ACS Belgium NV (Trix International, Averbode)

Marketing management

Management Front & back office

Company Consultant



2014 – Present

Different courses of NICABM & Reattach



Neurophysiology – US

qEEG, Loreta, Neuromodulation

Brain Wellness, Prof. Dr. Lucas Koberda

Prof. Emeritus Joel Lubar

Ph. D. Nick Dogris


2012 – 2016

Korzybski, official psychotherapist

Solution focused & hypnotherapy


2011 – 2014

Master Business Economics +

Research project Count3r (decisions)

(How the environment is affecting the sensitive consumer)


2003 – 2011

Master Clinical psychology &

B iological (experimental) psychology +

Add. Subjects: Marketing, Economic & Consumer psychology


2000 – 2001

Recruiting  & Communication

U-man Belgium


1997 – 1999

Candidate  Media & Design

Sint-Lucas Brussels



Presentation & theatre

Little Academy, Brussel




Aug 98   Presenter/host  Marktrock Leuven


93 – 95   ‘De Bijschool’, Antwerpen

 coaching & mentoring of low SES-children

1995  Company Management, Oxford University


93 – 95  IDCO, Antwerpen

Economics – Mathematics





Exchanging views & ideas,  

reading (& researching), playing the piano,

drawing (design), dancing, Inline skating, 

swimming, skiing, traveling

enjoying culture, food & friends.


Piano, 2nd:Saxophone

Golden Medal from the city of Sint-NIklaas



Presentation & theatre – Academy of Sint-Niklaas





Extended experience in

strategic marketing & positioning,

innovation, sales, performance and talent management


Developed the MTM:

Matrix of employee satisfaction & burnoutrisk

Psycho-social wellbeing (legal requirements)

Objective analysis of organisational health

Best practice for improvement


I thrive on change, and know how to capitalize on it. It is important that I have enough change and variety.

I have a creative imagination and am gifted at using words (verbally and/or in writing to express new ideas, concepts or plots.)

I can be called on when a fresh, new way to communicate important information is needed.

I drive personal satisfaction from directly helping others.

I am motivated to cause good, growth and gain in the lives of others. I am also insightful as to the personality, intentions, emotions, ethics, values, and moods of people.

I am effective in helping to develop other employees or interacting with customers.

I understand the meaning of ideas and words, and use them effectively in oral communication. [although English is not my native language and I make mistakes]

I will automatically see the big picture first before seeing the details. I can be a big help with strategic planning, and identifying possibilities.


(By MAPP assessment)




Offering as:

Consultant PR & strategic vision

Consultant transformation & innovation

Consultant employee satisfaction

Keynotespeaker & teaching

Consultancy & executive sparring

Profiling & assessments support

Specialized treatment & burnout coaching



I am personally interested in information processing and consciousness in combination with psychology, neuroscience, quantum physics, A.I. & technology, aiming for knowledge, understanding and practical innovations.


About the ‘science fiction’ of consciousness:




May 2018: Tryout Woestijnvis (Canvas) for second half 2019 with Otto-Jan Ham & Bart Van Peer.




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