Fair Play. An ID of LilID | More about me
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My inspiration? you!




I have intolerance for gluten, milk proteins, soya, almonds, lax seed, E62x and raw peppers, onions and garlic.

I am not doing well with alcohol either. So I am always on a diet. No addictions, but I do love chocolate. ☺️

(I used to be heavily addicted to smoking, but I quit just like that.  I learned to say “no” again and again… to a cigarette 😄)



A better future for my daughter and me was what kept me going,

and still is.  (Thus the re-inventing 🙄 with some motivational talk I got years ago… )



Why we love Richard Branson and James Clear… (my daughter will watch similar Belgian based vlogs)



Me and my daughter in private time



Undiscovered talents: Last August, my stepmom told me I would make for a great standup comedian. She really had to laugh after I throw her a show about practical lessons learned in life.